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Date a Biker?

Bikers singles are with us in more numbers than ever before and their lifestyle and the freedom that they experience have drawn both men and women to them in droves. Today we are going to give you a few tips and let you inside the world of Bikers and their clubs to help you decide if dating over 40 and a Biker at that is right for you and help you understand what you are letting yourself in for.
In some cases, we are toning down some of the things you can expect. We hope you are perceptive enough to read between the lines and understand just how different the world of Bikers are when compared to that of a 9 to 5’er who commutes or drives into work every day.

When you have finished reading you can then decide whether to date a Biker and join them in their lifestyle. You will have a bit more understanding of this American counter-culture that has been around since the Bad Boy “Marlon Brando” in the 1953 flick, “The Wild One”, the Stars Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in 1979’s “Easy Rider” roared their bikes across the Silver Screen and captured a generation’s imagination, and many took up the lifestyle in response.

  1. Don’t Talk about any Japanese Bikes
Most hard-core Clubs eschew the foreign bikes and only the Harley, Indian, and perhaps the Norton command respect. The Japanese bikes are called “Rice Burners” and we wouldn’t even talk about the Chinese knockoffs. The japes tried once to steal the Harley sound, which is now patented.
  1. Wear the Clothes
Learn how a Biker single is supposed to dress in the club your date hangs with. There are many Biker apparel shops and you can get what you need there. Make sure they don’t have any patches or insignia. Colors have to come from the club itself and they get real finicky about a nonmember wearing their colors without express permission.

  1. Learn the Lingo
Each club has their own dialect and the sooner you catch on the better. Terms like “Hog” (Your Bike) are universal. Other terms may be particular to where your date’s club is located. Here is a starter for you.

  1. Don’t be shocked by anything you see
Biker clubs run counter to the normal rules of society and in some cases go out of their way to shock the citizens. They may do same to you to see how you react.

  1. Don’t wear a helmet
To many clubs, helmets are an anathema and every year there is a Helmet Roast held in various locations. Nowadays some clubs do wear helmets. But, these clubs are usually those who ride decked out cruisers like the old Goldwing clubs. But many Biker clubs wouldn’t wear ’em.

  1. Learn to like beer
Beer is mother’s milk and if you can’t drink it, you may be in for a short relationship. However, Christian Motorcycle clubs are more tolerant and often don’t drink as they have their families at club activities.

  1. Be prepared to go to clubs your citizen friends wouldn’t step One foot in
Bike Bars are not what you would consider upscale. In fact, violence can and does happen and undercover cops are also a presence as well. This means pool, darts, and Foosball are the games of choice. In some cases, topless bars have been adopted by a particular club so be warned.

  1. Road Trip is another word for heaven
Get used to long trips on the back of a Hog, unless you spring for your own ride. But in any case, a Biker is born to ride the open road and will do so come rain, shine and yes, Virginia even snow. This means you can expect to see between 10 and 20,000 miles of highway a year. So a kidney belt may be an accessory to add to your wardrobe.

  1. Never come between a Biker and their true love
This should be self-evident. However, if you make an issue of a choice between you and the bike you may be in for a rude awakening. A Biker and their bike are inseparable. That’s like trying to get Matt Dillon to give up his six guns or a Samurai to surrender his sword.

  1. The Club is #1
A Biker’s loyalty is to the club his/her bike than you. You are entering a subculture that has a very high group identity and it is best not to get between the various interlocking relationships between the club, bike, and Bro/Sisterhood. Many clubs were formed by Vets and they have transferred the comradely that they had during the war to their club and you Reilly can’t understand this unless you’ve served and even more so never faced combat or life and death with a group of individuals. Police and firefighter also fall into this category as well.

  1. If open sexuality offends you
Sex will be there and it will get right up in your face, especially at a rally or other event where Bikers from all over gather, if this type of activity offends you? Think twice about dating a Biker.

  1. If you are a female, be prepared to bare your assets
This tradition seems to fade as the Bikers get older, however; it is still in vogue at the many rallies and on road trips. A Biker is proud of his old lady and wants to flaunt her. Many of the girls get into it as well and competition is often fierce to see who can outdo the other in the most outrageous manner possible.

  1. Learn to sleep on the ground
Since you will be spending days on some road trips, a good sleeping bag is your best friend. Biker camping gear can be had from Amazon and you can get all that you need there or at your local Biker Appeal store. Though there are still those who swear by a bedroll and the open sky.

  1. Learn to cook in strange places
Have you ever cooked a chicken on a carburetor of a Chevy? Well, that and other open air culinary skills are necessary for those long road trips and when your club gets to where it is headed. Learning how to use a cast iron frying pan, Dutch oven, and just cooking on an open fire are a useful set of skills to develop.

  1. Learn to like knives
Most every Biker carries a knife. Be it a man or woman. They’re not for show. A knife is the universal tool of a Biker whether it is a sheath or a folder. Buck is one of the most popular and you would see any of that Bo Gris orange handled crap. A Bikers Knife is usually of high quality as it make be the thing that keeps a Biker alive in a sticky situation. Nuff said.

  1. Ditto for guns
Forget what the police and the FBI say about guns being bad for you. Bikers are and always will be people who are very familiar with guns. You should at least be able to find the safety and know the difference between a revolver and an automatic pistol, again Nuff Said.

  1. Learn First Aid
Bikes go down along with their riders. Knowing First Aid may keep you date alive if you hit a patch of bad pavement or unexpected oil on a stretch of highway. Road rash is a fact of life and that’s why you learn to love leather as it keeps you from losing skin. Also, learn how to stitch and stop bleeding as some conversations among Bikers can become quite heated and blood often flows.

  1. A beer bath is just a way to say hello
Biker dating will get doused with beer and other liquids for various reasons. Get used to it.

  1. You don’t know hazing yet!
If you are ever finally accepted by you dates club you will probably go through a ritual that makes a college hazing or a marine initiation look tame by comparison. Take it for what it is and either accept it or find different people to date.

  1. It’s you against the world
Once you enter the world of Bikers, you’ll discover your friend’s will look at you differently and It may be stigmata you have to bear. Bikers are not mainstream n and even though they may have Smartphones does not mean they are tame by any means.

  1. Happiness is the open road
The Open Road is a Bikers idea of Heaven and freedom and they are jealous of their rights to use the road without harassment or asking anyone’s permission. Learn to embrace this idea.

  1. It’s a club, not a gang
In the old days, Bikers belonged to gangs. The police and the establishment stepped down on them hard and today most gangs have converted to a club motif. That is not to say the Hells Angels and the Chicago Outlaws are choirboys they are still some of the meanest and toughest dudes on the road. But they also do community work and Toys For Tots bring together clubs and gangs to help the kids who don’t have anything.

  1. Follow the rules
Every clubs has a charter and a set of rules and you need to make sure you understand and follow them.

  1. Learn to fix a bike
It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman you should learn the basics of motorcycle repair, from fixing a flat tire to cleaning out a fouled carburetor. There are no repair shops out in the middle of nowhere and unless you want to walk, you need to be able to get that Hog back up and running.

  1. Learn which bikes are in and which aren’t
Along with repair, you should know which bike is which and even a bit of history of the bike that your date rides. Let’s face it; it’s his baby and the love of his life. The more you know the better you’ll understand the culture of Bikers and the one you are dating.

  1. Travel light
Some road trips come out of the blue so always have a go bag with the basics ready to go. Gucci bags are out a serviceable backpack or saddlebags for your bike are all you need. If you are slow you’ll get left in the dust and lose face with the club and that reflects on your date as well

  1. Showers?
How does a bucket with a hole it sound? Though Rest stops are now putting in showers and truck stops have them as well. You should be able to live with yourself for a day or two without a shower, though.

  1. Did you bring the toilet paper?
One thing always to make sure you have when you hit the road. Contrary to popular belief leaves and corncobs don’t do a good job.

  1. Wear your colors proudly
If you do get accepted by a club and you get your colors (Biker vest with the clubs logo etc…) Wear them and don’t take them off while you are with your date or the club. This is a point of honor with any club and wars have been fought over dissing a club’s colors

  1. It’s us and them
Ember when you’re with your date and his/her club everyone else is them and you only trust yours. Sound like a tribal practice and perhaps it is, but if you want to date a Biker that’s the way of the world.

  1. Learn the rules of the road
There are certain rules of the road for Bikers and you need to learn how they work. There is nothing more embarrassing or frightening to go by a group of 300 Hells Angels on a well turned out bike and not know how to respond when they all offer you the Biker salute.

  1. Profanity is just a way of saying Hi
Be prepared to hear words that would make your mother take to her room. This is a fact OD life with Bikers. Christian Bikers are of course and exception and most everyone if children are around. However, you are fair game and expect to be tested until they get to know you.

  1. Accept being #3
Learn that #3 ain’t all bad, the 3 being Club, Bike and you can Improvise Adapt and Overcome it.

  1. Your day what?
Your job may take a hit or two if they find out you Are dating a Biker as even today though riding a motorcycle is cool dating a Biker isn’t. Be ready to take some heat.

  1. Carry cash and Credit Cards are out
Credit cards can be traced as ATM transactions. Part of Being a Biker is FREEDOM and be watched by the Man is an infringement of your right to an Open Road. So make sure you use cash. Oh yeah, none of that cell phone instant clicking to pay either

  1. Keep up with the culture
Learn about the Biker community. That means online sites, magazines and go to few of the events and the stores that cater to Bikers. Tattoo parlors can also teach you a lot as well.

  1. Grow a beard
If you Are a guy a beard is OK. But please make it look neat. There are many Bikers who look like wild men true. But you are trying to boost your date’s credos and so look like a winner rather than a bum.

  1. Learn to love leather
Leather is what you wear. Get used to it. It’s practical and it’ll protect your can from getting road rash. Plus there’s the whole Biker Mystique thing too. Some, however, wear Kevlar under their leather just to be on the safe side.

  1. A Biker’s Tat Doesn’t wash off
If you are going to get a Tat get a real one and not one of those wash off things. There is pain involved and it’ll be with you forever so choose wisely.

  1. Love can come and go in a flash
Don’t be surprised if you date suddenly disappears. Biker love can be as real and as passionate as any other. But it can be gone in a flash as well. So, be careful of tats with names in them.

  1. Death is
Bikers die on the road, in fights, and hopefully rarely in bed. A biker funeral can be an elaborate thing with thousands of Brothers and Sisters from all over the country attending. Along with various law enforcement groups as well. Because many times a final salute is offered to the fallen Biker and the police want to collect as much lead and casings as they can to try and close their case files.

Just ember Bikers accept that riding a bike can kill you and they accept it as a fact of life.

  1. Freedom has a price
Dating a Bike offers you a lot of freedom that you don’t have in normal society. However the longer you are part of the Biker community you’ll find it harder to readopt yourself to the world of being a citizen as you’ll see the walls and barriers that surround you and you may not be able to fit in anymore.

  1. Your bike is your soul
When you decide to buy you own bike, especially if you are a guy dating a Biker girl you’ll finally understand the bond between a person and a motorcycle. The Samurai of old Japan understood this bond as they had it with their swords. It is much more than a person riding a bike. A Biker merges with their bike and becomes something that’s bigger than the sum of man + machine.

  1. The police are not your friend
One you steep over the line and enter the Biker community the police will look at you in a different light and you may suffer some heat as police are still in the mode of thinking Bikers are borderline criminals or out and out crooks depending on who you ask.

  1. A biker wedding is not for the faint of heart
If your survive the trials and tribulations of dating a Biker a Biker wedding is a unique experience that few outside the community have witnessed. Think of the coliseum of roamer and the pageantry of the knights of the round table along with the dress of the French quarter of New Orleans at Marti Gray.
The above doesn’t even come close, but it gives you some idea of what to expect.

  1. Can you come back to the mundane world after dating a biker?
You may never be able to return to the normal world of being a citizen after you’ve dated a Biker. But that’s the price you pay when you get a taste of freedom.

  1. Christian Bikers
Christian Bikers follow the Bible and love bikes. In this case, the Bible and Jesus are above Bike and Club and everything else is family oriented.

  1. Wicca on Wheels?
Yes, Wiccan ride bikes as well and as Bikers they resemble the Christian Bikers in many respects. It’s just their viewpoint is different.

  1. Modern Gypsies
Some people consider Bikers Gypsies. But in many cases they hold down regular jobs like a citizen does. But their lifestyle reviles around motorcycles and the club’s activities. The club offers a stabilizing element and is the hub of an extended family that is the club and all its members. So you could consider a club a nation, tribe, and clan living within the confines of the United Sates and its laws.

Bikers are people too
Today you’ve learned some things about Bikers and we have been giving you some tips to make your dating a Biker more likely to succeed as you know a little bit of what to expect. This is by no means all there is on the subject as you have hundreds of Biker dating sites and each club has its own flavor and style of doing things.

We have not covered the independent Bikers that have no allegiance to any club or group. These things would take an entire book or books to cover adequately. But you do have enough now to decide if dating a Biker is something you want to do or not and in that we wish you all the luck in the world.


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