Most bikers consider riding a way of life, not just a past time. When they get on the open road, they feel free and one with the road. Because riding is so important, it only makes sense that a biker will want to date someone who shares their passion for riding. If you have a bike and want someone to ride with you, or if you love being the passenger on a bike, you should visit Biker Datelink to find the person of your dreams. There is nothing better than going on a bike date.

What is Biker DateLink?

Biker Datelink is a dating website where singles who love motorcycles can meet other singles with the same interests.

How Does Biker Datelink Work?

The first thing that singles do is sign up with the site by creating a profile, and registration is free. You would begin by creating a username. This is the name that will be displayed when singles view your profile Next, you would enter a password so that you can have access to your profile, your birthday, and the postal zip code of the area where you live. If you enter a username and it is already in use, you may need to keep trying until you find something that is not taken. You would also need to enter your email address. Immediately after, you would need to activate your account by verifying your email address. Once you have done this, you would have access to the site so that you can create your profile.
There are several things that need to be filled out in your profile. It is very important that you are honest with your answers. If you meet someone you want to continue dating and you lied on your profile, it won’t look very good for you. The questions that you would need to answer include:
Hair color
Eye color
Body type
Languages that you speak
Current income level
Drinking behavior
Smoking behavior
Relationship status
Children (have/want)
A profile headline to grab other singles’ attention
An area to describe yourself and your personality using up to 2,000 characters
In the next section, you will have a chance to let other singles get to know your personality better by asking a few questions.
Ideal place to live
Last bar or nightclub that you attended
Your favorite restaurant
How your friends describe you
The celebrity that you most resemble
The last movie that you saw
If you had $1,000 to blow, what would you buy
Your fashion sense
A description of your sense of humor
How you behave at parties
What you would do with a few hours off
The type of television that you watch
Your work schedule
Religious services that you attend
Political views
Your spending habits
Whether or not you are always on time
Favorite types of music
Turn on’s and turn offs (tattoos, piercings, dancing, confidence, etc.)
The last section will help you to find singles that would interest you the most. Some of the questions asked include:
The age range that you are looking for
The area that you want your dates to live in
Their hair color
Their body type
Their eye color
Their ideal height

Languages that they speak

Their ethnicity
Their religion
Their occupation
Their education level
Their income level
Their drinking behavior
Their smoking behavior
Their relationship status
Their children situation
A section to describe your ideal match
After reviewing your information, you can submit your profile.


In order for other singles to find you, it is a good idea to put a few photos on your profile. To give other singles a good idea of what you look like, you should use one close up photo and one full body photo. There are a few things that you should avoid when choosing a photo.
Don’t use old photos. These can be misleading
Don’t use a group photo. Other singles may not know which person in the photo is you. If you have a group photo and you love the way that you look in the photo, crop your friends out.
Don’t upload any nude photos. Also, don’t show too much skin if you don’t want other singles to get the wrong idea about you.
Avoid uploading photos of your children. Other singles want to get to know you, not your family. That will come in time.

Using the Site

After your profile is set up, you can start searching for singles in your area. If you find someone attractive, you can click on their photo and view their profile. This will give you a chance to see if you may be compatible.
You can also allow the site to find single for you. You will be given a list each day of singles who met the criteria that you entered when you created your profile.
Once you have found someone who interests you, you can send them a message to start communicating. Chances are, this communication can lead to a first date.
You can also use the online chat room. This is a great place to have a group conversation with other users. It is quite possible to find someone who you are compatible with here as well.

Using Biker Datelink Safely

Like anything type of internet communication, you cannot always be sure that the person that you are communicating with is actually who they claim to be. When you are using this site to date people, there are a few safety tips that you should follow.
Don’t give out your phone number right away.
Meet up for the first date. It is best not to let your date know where you live.
Meet at a public place. Cooking dinner at your place is a good idea, but not until after you have had a few dates in public first.
More and more scammers are using the internet to swindle people out of money. Don’t ever send someone you are communicating with, money. You cannot be sure that they are not trying to scam you.
It is very possible to find the love of your life on Biker Datelink. You will never know unless you give it a try.

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