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The tide for online dating is shifting. As a result, we’re beginning to see niche dating sites springing up in different dimensions with the intent of addressing a special audience. It’s no longer the trend of a desperate dater, but the way of life for someone who knows what they want from the start.
Biker dating sites have become popular in the recent years. Biking is a hobby with such a serious addiction to it. If an individual spends most of their time biking, they are bound to find themselves single because the hobby occupies 90% of their time.
However, if a biker ends up with someone who shares the same passion, then chances are that the two couples will get along quite well. This explains the popularity of biker dating sites today.
But why turn to biker dating sites?
There is something special about bikers themselves, and this trait makes them only want to date fellow bikers. Doctors for doctors, military guy for a military woman — just that kind of thing.
There’s some prejudice towards the lifestyle of a biker when someone is not a biker themselves. That’s the reason bikers tend to feel comfortable with people who share the same interest, not necessarily those who bike, but those who are interested in bikes in general.

There are different biker groups and clubs out there. However, despite this, some bikers find it difficult to get a like-minded individual whom they can become intimate with. For this category of bikers, online dating is always the best option for them.
If you’re interesting in motorcycle dating, there are things you need to know even before you sign up with a dating site for biker singles.

Fill in your profile

Your profile information gives you a chance to stand out among thousands of bikers already registered. But you must keep it brief and straight to the point. Pictures must also be included as well.

Security of the dating site

Be careful with how you handle personal information. Make sure the site has a secure SSL internet connection or one that can never be intercepted by hackers. If you’re wondering how to go about this, look for a padlock symbol on the address bar. The presence of this symbol means the site is secure, and you don’t need to worry when giving out your data.


Biker dating sites allow singles to login any time they want. And the more they login, the more priority they are given in the homepage. So their profiles will be listed down as the most popular biker singles this week, this month etc. This feature increases your exposure.


Hooking up doesn’t come right away. It needs patience to find the one person that will fit your lifestyle and in other areas too, not necessarily in biking alone. So if you fail to get some feedback every time you login, just be patient.
Here are some good motorcycle dating sites for singles in 2015
– Biker Kiss
– Biker Planet
– Harley dating site
– Meet local bikers
– Biker or not
This is not a comprehensive list of all biker dating sites you’ll find out there. There are many more reputable ones. However, take note that some will allow you to try out some features and if you like what you’re seeing, you can sign up for a small fee.

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