Friday, December 22, 2017

Sgaya Buddha to be jesus the king of king!

Buddha! my buddha ! Help me! Help me.
i am not alssep in the night, i need your love. i am pray the best love for the people in Mahayana buddhist.tell me what is the truth who is are now.Nan mo sgaya buddha. you are born in Lumbini of be the god, kiss the  demons.
where is my survival shelters,from the mountain to to life,i surpprt the lgbt rights .you can join the shemale dating sites in

Our Father in heaven! Father! give your lord of lord! give me king of king.
what is truth of road, you are the life,you are god, you can to be one of one.
what is rights who i fight with you. i am fights for the freedom rights,Democracy,Human Rights,Constitution.Come into my life. to be change the world.
      Father! Our Father! Jueus name! Jueus name!

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