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Are you a single biker ready to meet with your fellow biker singles? If so, then you have many biker dating sites that can help you in your quest to get a partner. Amongst the many biker dating sites is Biker Planet. is a dating site that has been specially created to help biker single men meet biker babes and vice versa. So why should you pick on as your preferred dating site as a biker? While getting to know the answer for this question, a review of biker planet will be highlighted here below.

What is Biker Planet?

As its name suggests, biker planet is a like a planet of its own that is full of bikers who are ready to meet with fellow bikers. Bikers can only be understood by fellow bikers and that’s why this online dating site made it an all bikers’ affair. At this site, you can meet thousands of hot bikers to mingle with. It has been specially designed to suggest bikers that you can find in your locality. Joining this online dating site is therefore the first step to getting hooked up with a biker chick, if you are single man.

Joining Biker Planet

Just like most of the online dating sites, there is free registration of members. You can join this site for free and choose to explore the free basic membership. Of course there is the paid membership, which is referred to as premium membership.
Free Basic Membership
Under the free basic membership, you can use this online dating site for the following functions;
  • Browse site: you can easily browse through the site to view various products and features.
  • View Profiles: You can also view profiles of bikers in the site.
  • Send Flirts: with a free basic membership, you can also send flirts to some of your favorite bikers online.
  • Modify your profile: You will also be given the leeway to modify your profile to best suit your needs. Remember a good profile will boost your chances of getting hooked up with a fellow biker.

Premium Membership

As a premium member, you first enjoy all the benefits enjoyed by free basic members plus other amazing features which include;
  • Refined Search: your search will be more refined. This will help you in identifying the specific biker you are looking for. You can also search fellow bikers using their bike types. This is meant for those who want bikers riding a specific bike.
  • Customer care assistance: you get instant customer care assistance whenever you have a query or concern.
  • Trustworthy: As a premium member, you can be trusted to be a real member of biker planet and hence other singles will view you more seriously.
  • Unlimited number of Photos: As a premium member, you will have the ability to upload as many photos as your want to put in your profile. This will boost your chances of getting a fellow single biker who will be attracted to the photos you have. The more the photos, the more authentic a biker appears in the eyes of fellow bikers online.
There are other benefits of using premium membership that you will only realize the moment you log in. All your biker planet login details are private and secure.
Pros of Using Biker Planet
  • Real Bikers
Unlike some biker dating sites, bikerplanet has real bikers who are out there to meet their fellow bikers and have fun. You therefore have not to worry about getting fake people.
  • Hot Photos
Biker planet is known for the many hot photos of models on bikes. This makes the site attractive to men seeking hot biker chicks.
  • Interactive
The site is very interactive in nature. There is a forum where bikers air their views about the site and biking in general. You can therefore get to know of all the happenings in this forum.

Real Testimonials

Different independent biker planet reviews have talked of real testimonials of people who actually signed up in this site and got hooked up with fellow bikers. You therefore have a similar opportunity of writing your testimonial of your experience but only if you sign up and login to the site.
Final Say:

There are different ways of getting a perfect date for you.  Biker planet has given bikers an easy way of getting hooked up with their fellow bikers who understand their needs.

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