Thursday, August 25, 2016

How to Date a Biker Woman in Chicago

How to Date a Biker Woman in Chicago

When it comes to dating a biker woman, you want to make a great first impression. Biker dating in essence is very similar to dating those who aren’t bikers, but there are some fundamental differences. Here are XX tips to date a biker woman in Chicago.
Remember She Wants to Be Treated Like a Woman
While she may come across as more masculine, she still wants to be treated like a woman. There are many who still like the gentleman who will hold the door open for her—if anything, that is just being polite. You don’t need to treat her like a damsel in distress, but be courteous and warm.
Discuss Your Biker

Making small talk is much easier for the two of you. When it comes to biker dating, you already have something to discuss; your bikes. Start with that as an ice breaker to get to know each other more. It will make her more comfortable, because she instantly goes into something that she loves and wants you to know more about. She’ll also be interested in everything you have to say.
You will  have your own opinions about bike style and make, but don’t let your opinions cloud the date. Be polite about her opinions and you’ll both be fine.
Accept Her as a Strong Individual
Biker women are strong characters. Secretly, your mother will love that because she won’t want to scrounge from you. She will have her pride and she will want to be the top dog now and then. It’s important to accept her for that. When biker dating, the last thing you want is to undermine any of that.
Now you’re ready to get into the world of biker dating. Don’t forget that your biker woman is still a woman, and would like to be treated that way at times. That being said, she wants you to remember that she’s strong and independent.

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