Thursday, August 25, 2016

Filling Out Your Online Profile

It can be for you to get guys to respond to your profile even if you’re cute, smart, and very fun to be around for the evening. The dating world in OKCupid and is one of the most competitive and unforgiving worlds to deal with. All it takes is one small mistake to keep guys from responding to you. Laurie Davis, online dating coach and author of Love @ First Click has gone through how to put together a compelling online dating profile that will get people clicking and messaging you.

The truth is that online dating can be very challenging for both males and females. There are a ton of profiles being created. Therefore, it is important for you to be able to make one that stands out. This is so people will be a little more interested in you as a person. If you can show creativity and something unique in your profile, then you will make yourself more likely to get clicks and messages. You will also be more likely to find a match. There are a few steps to go through in order to make sure that your dating profile stands out from among the rest.

It starts with the username. If you take the time to come up with something that is very creative as well as catchy, then you will more likely get messages. This could be a good use of different words or if you are feeling very adventurous, then you can come up with a new word or name for your profile. If you can get people’s attention and show a slight sense of fun and humor even, then you will be more likely to get the clicks that you are hoping to get. However, this is only the first step.

The next step is filling out your “About Me” section. This is where you can put together some of the traits that are specific to you. The more specific you are, the more likely people are going to know something unique about you and are going to try to know you a little better. Don’t be afraid to show your quirkiness. One thing you don’t want to do is try to be like the other profiles. For one thing, you could come off as generic, or you could attract the wrong types of people. You don’t want to add too much information about yourself. You have to make sure guys want to know more about you.

The next part is in describing the type of person you are looking for. While many people say to give everyone a chance, life is short and it is better to know who you want so that you can save a little time in the dating arena. One thing you don’t want to do is to be negatively oriented. In other words, don’t be so focused on listing traits that you don’t want. It Is better to list what it is you are looking for so that men will be more encouraged to apply. Don’t be afraid to be specific.

When taking a photo, you want to use a head and shoulders shot among other pictures. A good thing to do is to take between four and six photos to post on your site. One of the photos could be an action shot and a full photo. Among the suggestions for clothing is wearing red according to studies. Men tend to be more attracted to women in that color. However, if you can find clothing that is very flattering to you, then wear that, no matter the color. Make sure that your photo only contains you. This is to avoid confusion with the men.

Once you have set up your profile, then you can enjoy the results that it brings. However, don’t be afraid to adjust your profile as you see fit. You might find something that will help bring out a better result in your dating. 

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