Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dating Tips for Bikers in New York

When there are hundreds of promising websites and thousands of Bikers to choose from, you, as a biker single, are not the only one to be baffled. Well, the rage to find a perfect Biker date is at an all-time high and before you decide to approach ‘the one’, you find that the person is already taken. To get you out of all these embarrassing and heart-wrenching situations, we present to you some of the most important dating tips for you bikers straight from our experts. Try to analyze your situation and judge accordingly if the advice is suitable for you or is there an entirely different scenario in your case. Whatever it is, never shy away from sharing the experience with your close ones as their suggestions can always come in handy.

  1. Never shy away from getting fixed up online: You must have seen it coming, the very first tip for an amazing and successful biker dating experience is to make and maintain good connections. This is something that the biker dating sites do not flaunt. You may find a new handsome biker single for you or maybe a distant friend or an acquaintance is the ‘one’. Never shy away from your relatives fixing up a biker single date for you. You never know what the fat high school girl you hated so much might have turned into! Get in touch with them and hunt them down on the dating biker sites. If you find them, it is HOME RUN!
  2. Confidence and self-esteem: If you are confident when you approach a person or while replying to requests, you are the master of your biker dating. Always treat the other person online equal, talk to them but never be too clingy nor too careless. Don’t’ be worried about the future which is unforeseen. All you would need to make your biker single partner like you is confidence with a pinch of self-esteem. Throwing yourself away at the feet of your partner is a big no. Remember, you are looking for someone to have in your life. This means you already have a life. Never look like you don’t have one. People tend to like motivated ones with a passion. These are the most important attributes of a person’s personality. Period.
  3. Never lie: Be it your hobbies, your past health issues or those relationships that didn’t work out. We would advise you to keep the matter straightforward and true with your biker dating partner right from the beginning. No one likes liars. Share your passion with the person but don’t flaunt unnecessarily. Keep your bio data humble and your personal details honest. You would hate it when the person leaves you for lying. Believe us, a lie is nothing more than a sinking ship.
  4. Remember your limits: Since you yourself decided to join a biker dating site, you are solely responsible to what falls upon you. Make your limits very clear to yourself as well as to your biker dating partner. There are people looking for just friends or no-strings attached relationships and some are even looking for a biker single soul-mate. And there are some you cannot stay stable on a particular level. Make sure that the person you are dating understands what you are seeking from him/her. If sometimes, you want your biker dating friend to take the relationship to the next level, communicate with the person and see how they feel about it. Never rush into a decision. Better to think before moving forward than jumping with parachutes.
  5. Do not be too comfortable too early: So you have been dating the person for 2 weeks and you think this is the one you were looking for? Reality check! There are plenty of pretentious creeps who are looking to take advantage of your situation. Biker dating sites are a heaven both for angels and demons. Good people find their mates and bad ones find their prey. Never get too comfortable with a person online. Do not share your dearest information or intimate photographs that you would not want others to see. There are cases where a person honey trapped the other and took advantage.
  6. Follow your gut: Sometimes, bikers dating online stop doing this. Understand that it is up to you to decide if you want to develop a friendship with the person you met online or not. Who shall guide you? Your gut! Go with what you feel and you shall maneuver fine. You will definitely not send a request to someone you don’t ‘feel’ is good for you. But you have to double check if you have contacted the person you think could be the one. See if you share the biker passion with them and go vroom all the way!
  7. Your first meeting, take your bike with you: We suggest you to have your first meeting at a public place. The reason is clear; your own safety. You never know a person too well unless you have met them personally. We would also suggest you to take your bike along. You do not want the person to drop you home, do you? After all, you are a biker single and what else is more precious to bikers than their bikes and their love for them. So take your bike out, enjoy some good ride and flaunt your passion.
  8. Join them in the real world: If you have made a new bunch of biker single friends nearby on a biker dating site. It is good if you could join them in person. The actual world is outside with your bike and new biker friends. Do join the biker group in their trips and road voyages. If you are able to make real life relationship through a biker dating site, then our task as a biker dating site is done.
We hope you understand the necessity of the above tips and will use them when deemed fit. Waste no more time, log on to the biker dating site and let your life take you on an exotic trip on your bike.
Bon Voyage! Vroom!

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