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BikerOrNot Review

BikerOrNot Review

It is an old phenomenon of people being attracted to people of their resembling interest. Bikers are not different in any way for most bikers tend to be attracted to fellow bikers of the opposite sex. Bikers have their own special needs that only fellow bikers can understand. For this sole reason, different social sites have been created to connect bikers from different fronts of the world. One such social site is BikerOrNot. This social site has been of great help to bikers in getting them to meet each other. A complete review of biker or not will be done here below to keep bikers in the know of what to expect from this social network.
What is BikerOrNot?

BikerOrNot is a social network that connects you as biker with fellow bikers from your locality and from around the world. You have the option of choosing bikers within your locality or those from far, depending on your preference. Being a social network, BikerOrNot allows users to have forums in which they can discuss different matters affecting them as bikers. You can meet any from the thousands of bikers who are registered in this social network. With such a huge search base, you can never fail to find a biker who will suit your needs. Other specific areas of concern for this social site will be highlighted below here.
Cost of Registration

It is FREE to join this social network of bikers. You do not have to pay anything to join BikerOrNot. Only a few details that will facilitate your login will be required. For instance, you will be required to provide your valid email address, password and display name. You will also be required to give your year of birth. However, there is an option of hiding your birthday from public, if you feel better when people do not know your date of birth.

Alternatively, you can sign up with your facebook account. Your facebook details will be used to facilitate your login in BikerOrNot.

Bikerornot Subject

Though the main subject for this site is to act as a bikers dating site, more than that is offered. It gives the appeal that people get from social networks such as facebook. There is so much interaction in this site. It can only be compared to facebook. The only difference is that facebook is open to the public in general while BikerOrNot is just open to bikers. Just like facebook, bikerornot is a free social site.
Features of BikerOrNot

Such a social site can only be evaluated by the features it brings on board for users to enjoy. To be highlighted here below are some of the unique features that have been brought into play with bikerornot.

Backseat Riders

This is an interesting feature that helps biker men looking women to fill their backseat and women without bikers seeking to ride on an empty backseat. When a woman likes a certain rider without a backseat passenger, she can click ‘Yes’ under the account. The man will not be notified that you clicked ‘Yes’ until he likes you. It is a good feature to those ladies who are shy of saying yes.

    Bike Garage

This is a feature that allows users to show other bikers their bikes. All the details of your bike can be found under this garage. Photos of your bikes too are in this gallery.

    Invite to Ride

This is a special feature that allows bikers to create events and invite fellow bikers. These events are created by an individual or a group of bikers and then other bikers are invited to participate. The events actually take place outside the social network in the designated places.

    Motorcycle Store

This is a feature that allows motorcycle dealers to set up online motorcycle store where they can sell various motorcycle products. This is not a free service. You have to pay for opening a motorcycle store at BikerOrNot.

    Biker Fan Page

Just like in facebook, you can open a fan page in bikerornot. The difference is that your bikerornot fan page will only be related to biker life of motorcycle culture.

    Biker Groups

There is also provision to open biker groups where members can discuss matters related to motorcycle life or any other interesting things about bikers.

    Biker Events

It is a separate feature though it functions similar to the ‘Invite to Ride’ feature.

The above mentioned are some of the top features of this social network. Many biker or not reviews have been positive about this social network due to the mentioned features.
Final Verdict:

Based on the features that the site has and the experience bikers have had in this site, it is very evident that BikerOrNot is a special bikers’ social site that is worth joining. Its strength is in discussing the bikers’ culture and not seeking a relationship. Joining this site will equip you with knowledge about fellow bikers.

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