Thursday, August 25, 2016

Biker Planet Mobile Site is the best place to find bikers who share your passion for motorcycles and living the biker lifestyle. We offer the best and most comprehensive list of dating sites for bikers who want to make new friends and find that spark and romance with fellow bikers. is the best site for your biker dating needs!

Bikers are people too you know. Despite their rough, tough exterior, they need love the same as everyone else, but bikers are also different from most. Their love of motorcycles in all their forms means that finding someone who shares that passion, who knows their Harley Davidson from their Yamaha Star Bolt can be tricky. When it comes to biker dating, we’ve got some tips for you that may help you find the one you’re looking for.

Here at we aim to share with you and rate the biggest and best biker dating websitesaround, saving you the hassle of looking for someone with a taste for two-wheeled motoring through one of the bigger ‘catch-all’ dating sites. Searching for a loved one online is all well and good, but if you have a particular passion that has become your lifestyle, then why not consider searching for someone who is either as likeminded as you or just loves the thrill of the ride?

Biker Planet Mobile APP

Are you a bike lover? Are you looking for that special someone that shares your love and passion for motorbike? If yes is your answer, then the right place for you is BikerPlanet. BikerPlanet has been stead fast in providing top quality dating service for bikers and bike lovers across the world. No wonder it is ranked the best dating service for bikers.
Dating someone and maintaining the relationship is all about having similar interests. The pioneering of a specialized dating site strictly for biker is mouth watering. Thus, it is a fascinating platform for people who share a common passion for bikes.

It is ranked the number 1 dating platform for men and women with love for bikes. This app has provided a platform for people from all works of life to meet and mingle with each other and establish healthy relationships. The fascinating thing is that you don’t have to be a biker before you can use this service. BikerPlanet boasts of members who are Harley Davidson, Ducati, Triumph and BMW enthusiasts among others.
Launching of BikerPlanet application for Android and iOS has allowed users to stay in touch with other people they are interested in from anywhere. Convenience is obviously factored in. Unlike several other apps that are over-loaded with features and do not offer the best experience, this app has been designed to optimally deliver exactly what was promised. This app comprises every attribute offered on
Features available on the BikerPlanet App
Subscription & Membership
Meet certified bikers
Get to know about Local Biker Events.
Meet bikers who are looking for a pillion rider or passenger.
biker dating site 
See biker tattoo shows.
View pictures of your favorite motorcycles.
Participate in various discussions on the bikerdatingforum or blog.
Get dating advice tailored towards bikers.
It costs nothing to sign up on BikerPlanet. However, if you wish to explore some of its premium features on the app, subscription becomes necessary. This subscription enables you to start up a conversation with another user, have a one-on-one chat. It also allows you to make use of the advanced search attribute and you can hide your profile from search.
There is a wide range of plans you can subscribe to, with the basic package costing as little $33.99 per month. This is certainly a bargain considering the features and terms of usability we offer.
BikerPlanet is where you should be if you are a bike enthusiast searching for a partner of like-mind and similar interests.

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