Thursday, August 25, 2016

Biker Dating at Bikers And Huggers Review

There are lots of biker dating sites out there today, bu the Bikers and Huggers website is going to impress even the people who have become jaded with biker dating sites. Many people are going to be pleased to note that this site is absolutely free, for one thing. The people who tend to post on a lot of different dating websites are going to find themselves spending a lot of money in their search to find that one special someone. A website like Biker and Huggers is going to be a relief for them, since they're not going to have to spend any additional money in the process.

The Bikerand Huggers website is somewhat distinctive in its bike ownership requirements. Some people might take issue with the fact that it is okay for women to join even if they don't have bikes, but men have to have bikes of their own in order to join. Some people might feel that this double-standard reinforces the idea that women are the ones who ride on bikes as passengers and men are the ones who actually drive the bikes, which is going to be frustrating for some members. Many women want to be the bikers and not the huggers, or they want the concept of 'bikers' and 'huggers' to be treated as gender-neutral.

Some women might enjoy the fact that just being able to ride is going to make them stand out from the crowd in a positive way, and some men may like the fact that they're going to be in an environment where people expect them to have a bike. Not all biker dating sites have a double standard like this one, so this does make this Harley dating site stand out among the competition, at any rate. Regardless of how people feel about this, it is something that they should take into consideration when deciding upon the Biker and Huggers biker dating site.
The website also has a 'hot' list, which depicts the members who are regarded as being physically attractive. Some people might like that this is a website that has a list like this. Other people might find the list intimidating or otherwise distasteful. There is a fairly wide age range on the website, with some people in their fifties and some people in their twenties, and everything in between. There will be screen names that contain everything from the word 'pocahantas' to the word 'chinadoll,' with few content descriptions on what people can use in their screen names. As such, people should be prepared to encounter some material that might offend them, which is going to be a familiar experience to nearly anyone who has ever used a dating site previously.

Biker dating sites are no stranger to controversy, and neither is the biker subculture at large. This is a website that does not hold back in that regard. Its environment will be perfect for some people, but other people are going to have a problem with what they find there. 

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