Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Adult Friend Finder Review

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It is hard to mention the top most popular adult dating sites and not mention adult friend finder. It was one of the first dating sites and there continues to be a lot of hype about it mainly because it has a very big database of people looking for hook-ups. If you read reviews from different people who have used the site you are bound to get opinions from both extremes, there are people who have had the worst experience using the site and there are others who were very satisfied. This review, however, will give you a general view of the site. 

Getting Started

It is generally very easy to get started, all you have to do is visit the site and you will find the registration form to get you started. Registration is quite quick as you simply need to provide details about your gender, date of birth, location and what kind of adult dating you are looking for. After that, however, there is a detailed form that will require you give details of your preference, this form has just about everything you can think of, right from regular dating to swinging, watching and so much more as long as it is legal. 


There is the option for a free trial of the site though it limits your access to certain AdultFriendFinder features and you may not get a lot of search results for your particular match. Paid membership includes the silver package which costs 20 dollars and the Gold Package which costs 30 dollars. Paid members get to enjoy more features like being top of the search list and access to certain chatrooms that are for members only. 

The People you meet 

There seem to be all types of people on the site, but one thing that seems to be common on this site just like some other dating sites is that some of the people are actually looking for clients, not hook-ups. You can find genuine people looking to find a nice partner for a meaningful relationship as well as those who are just looking for a one night fling or to experiment or learn something new. You could say the entire world is present on this dating site with all sexual orientations and preferences represented though naturally heterosexuals seem to be the most. 


- has one of the biggest databases of people looking for hook-ups so it is much easier to get lucky. 
- The free chat rooms actually have people chatting and looking for adult hookups, unlike other dating sites where the chat rooms are empty. 
- Adultfriendfinder has the best search system that can find matches based on preference, location and gender. Whatever you are looking for can be found on this site. 


- Many of the profiles on the site are for people who have stopped using the site, the management is probably unable to clean up or refresh the database so you can end up with a match who no longer exists. 
- If you are looking for a genuine hook up it can be disturbing to end up with a” professional” looking for clients.
Overall if you are a paid member you enjoy this site much more than the free users. For those who use it for free, the chat rooms are the best place to go. Based on other users experience, adult friend finder deserves 3 and a half stars.

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