Wednesday, August 24, 2016

10 Simple Dating Tips For Bikers

Dating isn’t easy, it doesn’t matter if you’re a biker, a mother or a student. Dating is always a little scary or intimidating, no matter how tough you are.

But today I’d like to talk about dating and bikers. I know that it can be hard, you want to stay tough with your biker friends and at the same time you want a partner by your side. It’s a tough balance, especially when it actually comes to dating.

Now the biker lifestyle usually employs a tougher atmosphere consisting of beards, tattoos, leather and motorcycles.

So dating might come off as something secondary or, quite frankly, hard for a biker who wants to stick to his comfortable lifestyle while at same time courting his date.

So I would like to take the time to give you as a biker a few simple tips when it comes to dating, which can be applied by any man reading this list as well.

In any case, here are 10 simple dating tips for bikers, in no particular order!

  1. You need to show your date that you’re interested

The first thing you need to do before you proceed with anything else is to let your date know that interested, if you are that is.

If you’re not showing this any kind of interest towards him or her then I promise you that this person will walk his or her way soon enough.

The biker persona requires a man to be tough and hard and some people might find that attractive. But when it comes to women in particular, they want to see you take the initiative and show her your interest in them.

  1. Show her/him your softer side

No matter how tough or hard you are or think you are, you have a softer side. Everyone has a softer side that they necessarily don’t want the world to see at a first glance.

Our softer side is a more private part of our lives and not something we’d like people to openly be able to see since that would embarrassing or an intrusion of our own privacy. It sounds silly but it’s true, doesn’t matter if you’re a bike or not. Just think about how well you protect your own soft side from most people.

But when you’re on a date, drop the hard surface of the biker style and let this person know that you’re opening yourself up to him or her. That is if you want the date to go well, which I’ll assume since you’re reading this article.

  1. Give your date a chance to get to know you
Like showing your soft side to your date, you need to open up enough for your date to actually get a chance to get to know you.

Trust me, you’re fine just the way you are so don’t be afraid to open up a little more to this person on your date.

  1. Try to make him/her laugh

The best thing that can happen during a date is that you both have fun, so make sure that you prepare some jokes, funny stories or funny remarks to make him or her laugh and have a good time during your date together.

Laughter is always a good sign of a successful date!

  1. Be a gentleman

Whether you’re a biker or a regular man on a date, always be a gentleman to the person you’re dating. Pull out their chair for them, open the car door, pay for the check and so on.

Chivalry is something that woman especially like and appreciate, so take that biker attitude and turn it into chivalry the next time you’re on a date.

  1. Be yourself, show him/her who you are

Now most of the tips so far have been about showing your date how you two can have a good time and opening up more. Now it’s time to show your date who you are as a person.

While I can understand not being yourself entirely on your first date, but you should let your date know who you are as a person, in this case it’s a biker.

  1. Let your date know that they are the only person on your mind

When you’re on a date you should always make sure that your actual date feels comfortable and he or she feels comfortable by knowing that you are only thinking about him or her during the date.

Focus your attention on this person, not the good-looking waitress or other beautiful women that you want to look at. Focus your attention on your date for one evening.

  1. Learn to read the signals

This might be hard but you need to learn to read the signals if you’re going to experience a successful dating scene.

You need to learn to read the signals of interest, rejection, humility and much more.

  1. Be ready for anything

When it comes to dating you have to be ready for anything, even if you’re a biker looking for tough women. You need to be ready for any kind of reaction, information of situation on a date and adjust accordingly to it. This is a key ingredient to a successful date or several dates in fact.
  1. Let your date know that your biker lifestyle will not affect your dating/relationship

So you’re a biker and that might intimidate a woman. But if you both have some genuine feelings for one another, you have to let this woman know that your biker lifestyle won’t affect your feelings for her or your dating and relationship.

If you want to be successful at dating you need to learn how to balance the biker style and the normal dating life. This is hard, I know, but it’s always worth a try when it comes to a person that you have genuine feelings for.

Let them know this and never give them a reason to doubt it.

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