Friday, December 22, 2017

Dangerous human hell

do you this people! he is died people in 1989. i think H l Hong kong is so dangerous  and the china is so  dangerous country. i want to tell you a story about Paul Chung.he have long life time,but Wang died. so if you are want to be freedom not in this dictatorship place. he just murder by people pull out the Tall building.
do you konw Danny Chan?he is so honest people and so cute man, but died in 1993.i wanna say the society is so cruel and hell! this is hell society, this is ture. people have no rights! you are not listening wrong no rights no freedoman! it means that you have no gun!you can not speak anything.this is not western country. this is not play card. this is hell of hong kong.i am so sad.i give you one words. get out the Authoritarian country !Get out the Hell of ***! Must best ways is get out Now!
Never!Never! To Be Believe! To Be Trus!
Do you like this photo? but in my mind, I have never never to be think this place you can be the president!you have no vote rights. this is strong Power will be killed. if you want a  younge man, i do not suggest that you are development of in this bad place. it have any chance to get success, it is for Powerful People. it it not words mean"All Man are created equal."
you do not konw i am in so What a terrible country.To be sadness, i see this three people! they are life over is not i want to escape.Get out!Get Out!So bad!So bad!
Yi Sheng He you singers - Danny Chan
Died People
Died Place
Two People
To the ghost the Paul Chung, thank you give me the example to see the truth of the  real asain society.

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