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Top 5 Biker Dating Sites Reviews

There are now many dating sites on the Internet and these vary in quality. Many individuals use these sites on a regular basis so as to find a partner that they can potentially spend the rest of their days with. In this article we will take a look at a selection of different sites and will analyse their quality when designed for bikers. Dating sites are becoming far more popular and many individuals are using these on a regular basis.

#1 Biker Planet  

Biker Planet is one of the more popular biking dating sites on the Internet and features a wide range of functions that can allow you the ability to find your partner. As well as different search options, you can check who is online and browse through photos. You can also join the site and can quickly find out who is near you on the homepage. If you like any one of these profiles then you can quickly send a message and begin flirting. The website is perfect for motorbike enthusiasts and can help to connect individuals throughout the world who enjoy biking. It may not be the easiest dating site to use but has been given a high level of customer satisfaction and a good level of safety. It also requires you to pay but gives you good value for money.

#2 is a popular dating site and has been around for several years. The site aims to meet the needs of many different individuals and does not necessarily focus on bikers. This may not be the best dating site for those who want to meet bikers. The site also costs money to join but promises to be effective at helping to find a partner for those that want a fulfilling relationship. The algorithms on have been done to a high level so you are likely to find someone who is very much into the same things that you are.


eHarmony is another popular site that focuses on individuals of all walks of life and has been known to helpfully match together many individuals since it began. This site also requires the individual to make a payment before they can start connecting with other individuals but you do have the ability of reviewing your matches before you begin communicating with them for free.

#4 US  

Elite singles is a widely used online dating site and uses high quality algorithms to make suitable matches between partners. The site does not only focus on bikers but will cater for many different individuals. The pricing for this site varies depending on the number of months that you choose to use it. The longer that you choose to use it the less that it will cost each month.



Elite singles California edition is similar to the American addition but focuses on individuals that are based in California. The website follows the same algorithms and functioning as the other site but is specifically designed for those who live in the area of California. Bikers should be able to find each other if they specify this within their profile.

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Biker Planet Mobile Site is the best place to find bikers who share your passion for motorcycles and living the biker lifestyle. We offer the best and most comprehensive list of dating sites for bikers who want to make new friends and find that spark and romance with fellow bikers. is the best site for your biker dating needs!

Bikers are people too you know. Despite their rough, tough exterior, they need love the same as everyone else, but bikers are also different from most. Their love of motorcycles in all their forms means that finding someone who shares that passion, who knows their Harley Davidson from their Yamaha Star Bolt can be tricky. When it comes to biker dating, we’ve got some tips for you that may help you find the one you’re looking for.

Here at we aim to share with you and rate the biggest and best biker dating websitesaround, saving you the hassle of looking for someone with a taste for two-wheeled motoring through one of the bigger ‘catch-all’ dating sites. Searching for a loved one online is all well and good, but if you have a particular passion that has become your lifestyle, then why not consider searching for someone who is either as likeminded as you or just loves the thrill of the ride?

Biker Planet Mobile APP

Are you a bike lover? Are you looking for that special someone that shares your love and passion for motorbike? If yes is your answer, then the right place for you is BikerPlanet. BikerPlanet has been stead fast in providing top quality dating service for bikers and bike lovers across the world. No wonder it is ranked the best dating service for bikers.
Dating someone and maintaining the relationship is all about having similar interests. The pioneering of a specialized dating site strictly for biker is mouth watering. Thus, it is a fascinating platform for people who share a common passion for bikes.

It is ranked the number 1 dating platform for men and women with love for bikes. This app has provided a platform for people from all works of life to meet and mingle with each other and establish healthy relationships. The fascinating thing is that you don’t have to be a biker before you can use this service. BikerPlanet boasts of members who are Harley Davidson, Ducati, Triumph and BMW enthusiasts among others.
Launching of BikerPlanet application for Android and iOS has allowed users to stay in touch with other people they are interested in from anywhere. Convenience is obviously factored in. Unlike several other apps that are over-loaded with features and do not offer the best experience, this app has been designed to optimally deliver exactly what was promised. This app comprises every attribute offered on
Features available on the BikerPlanet App
Subscription & Membership
Meet certified bikers
Get to know about Local Biker Events.
Meet bikers who are looking for a pillion rider or passenger.
biker dating site 
See biker tattoo shows.
View pictures of your favorite motorcycles.
Participate in various discussions on the bikerdatingforum or blog.
Get dating advice tailored towards bikers.
It costs nothing to sign up on BikerPlanet. However, if you wish to explore some of its premium features on the app, subscription becomes necessary. This subscription enables you to start up a conversation with another user, have a one-on-one chat. It also allows you to make use of the advanced search attribute and you can hide your profile from search.
There is a wide range of plans you can subscribe to, with the basic package costing as little $33.99 per month. This is certainly a bargain considering the features and terms of usability we offer.
BikerPlanet is where you should be if you are a bike enthusiast searching for a partner of like-mind and similar interests.

6 Dating Rules to Break

You will kill the vibe if you force your way into a potential partner using some dated dating rules as a road map to success. These are often boring, outdated set of rules that the society has held on to for so long. But modern dating is getting very flexible, and as long as both of you are comfortable with how things are moving, you should be good to go.

Here are the 6 outdated dating rules that must be trashed into the bin

1 The man is everything

Dating tradition demands that the man should issue invitation, pay for the dinner and invite a second, a third and subsequent dates. But according to a 2011 study conducted by a popular dating site involving 5,000 singles, more than a half of women who were interviewed said they were comfortable making a follow up call. Another 41% confessed that they would foot the bills in their first date with a man. In other words, people should not hesitate to make moves based on their gender.

2 Serious topics must be avoided at all cost

This rule prohibits discussing topics related to politics, religion, parenting etc. However, it should be noted that dating in the early teens or 20s is a time of exploring yourself to find out who you are and what you want.

Actually, some experts now claim that bouncing your ideas and ideals off your date might help you establish what matters or where you might compromise. Provided you're contributing ideas in a manner that is not judgmental, everything should be fine when it comes to discussing any topic.

3 You should play hard to get

It used to apply to ladies, although it currently doesn't make sense to anyone who tries it out on a date. You see, people are generally busy these days, plus they have many dating opportunities in their lives.

Rather than playing games, get upfront with your potential lover and tell them how you feel. If you're direct and honest in the sense that you end up rejecting them, it would be a good thing for them because it shows the relationship was not meant to be.

4 Cut out on ogling

The old rule states that when you're seated in a restaurant with a date, you should avoid ogling at other people. Well, full ogling is still considered rude. But there is nothing wrong with checking out other people.

Acknowledging the attractiveness of people seating opposite you without acting jealous or threatened is a way of communicating to your potential lover that you're confident and secure.

5 Never be quick to say the L word

Traditional dating rules warned that saying the L word would automatically take the relationship to the next level. But today, saying ''I love you'' doesn't necessarily mean ''I want to settle down with you''.

In fact, majority of people are now starting to believe that uttering the three words is a way of expressing care and a desire to have that particular partner in their life. Yet again, communication is very important. Only ensure the person hearing those words is understanding what you mean.

6 No sex on the first date

The old school rule of not expecting sex on the first date has thrived for so long. Indeed it can be very confusing when it comes to thinking about when to hit the cookie jar with a new partner. On the hand, believing that both of you should have sex after a specific number of dates feel artificial. Therefore, the best thing to do is to let the relationship build naturally so that sex can come organically. This might happen in the first, the second or subsequent dates.

Those 6 conservative dating rules will ruin your chances of finding a new catch in a fast-paced dating atmosphere. But as long as you're flexible and not following the 6 rules above, you should be fine.

Filling Out Your Online Profile

It can be for you to get guys to respond to your profile even if you’re cute, smart, and very fun to be around for the evening. The dating world in OKCupid and is one of the most competitive and unforgiving worlds to deal with. All it takes is one small mistake to keep guys from responding to you. Laurie Davis, online dating coach and author of Love @ First Click has gone through how to put together a compelling online dating profile that will get people clicking and messaging you.

The truth is that online dating can be very challenging for both males and females. There are a ton of profiles being created. Therefore, it is important for you to be able to make one that stands out. This is so people will be a little more interested in you as a person. If you can show creativity and something unique in your profile, then you will make yourself more likely to get clicks and messages. You will also be more likely to find a match. There are a few steps to go through in order to make sure that your dating profile stands out from among the rest.

It starts with the username. If you take the time to come up with something that is very creative as well as catchy, then you will more likely get messages. This could be a good use of different words or if you are feeling very adventurous, then you can come up with a new word or name for your profile. If you can get people’s attention and show a slight sense of fun and humor even, then you will be more likely to get the clicks that you are hoping to get. However, this is only the first step.

The next step is filling out your “About Me” section. This is where you can put together some of the traits that are specific to you. The more specific you are, the more likely people are going to know something unique about you and are going to try to know you a little better. Don’t be afraid to show your quirkiness. One thing you don’t want to do is try to be like the other profiles. For one thing, you could come off as generic, or you could attract the wrong types of people. You don’t want to add too much information about yourself. You have to make sure guys want to know more about you.

The next part is in describing the type of person you are looking for. While many people say to give everyone a chance, life is short and it is better to know who you want so that you can save a little time in the dating arena. One thing you don’t want to do is to be negatively oriented. In other words, don’t be so focused on listing traits that you don’t want. It Is better to list what it is you are looking for so that men will be more encouraged to apply. Don’t be afraid to be specific.

When taking a photo, you want to use a head and shoulders shot among other pictures. A good thing to do is to take between four and six photos to post on your site. One of the photos could be an action shot and a full photo. Among the suggestions for clothing is wearing red according to studies. Men tend to be more attracted to women in that color. However, if you can find clothing that is very flattering to you, then wear that, no matter the color. Make sure that your photo only contains you. This is to avoid confusion with the men.

Once you have set up your profile, then you can enjoy the results that it brings. However, don’t be afraid to adjust your profile as you see fit. You might find something that will help bring out a better result in your dating. 

Meet Older Women On The OlderWomenDating App

Perhaps the best cougar dating app that helps match hot sugar mamas with younger men is OlderWomenDating. If you are a younger man who is having a hard time connecting with a woman your own age, then chances are it's time to look beyond that and think about all of the pleasures of having a relationship with someone older than you. Whether you're looking for simple friendship, going out on an occasional date, or something even more serious, OlderWomenDating is one app that you should give some serious consideration to.

This app really is the best place to meet cougars in your area. Even better, if you're a cougar yourself, you can even find younger men who are on the hunt themselves! Regardless of what you're looking for, you'll be able to find it on what's considered to be one of the best cougar dating sites around. You will be able to browse through our endless selection of personals and photos of hot cougars, as well as post your own. Once you do, you'll find that the possibilities will truly be endless! OlderWomenDating has been in existence for over 13 years, and in this time, the service has provided a great way for both older women and younger men to really connect with one another on a personal level. Now, that connection has been made even easier thanks to the launch of the OlderWomenDating app for Android and iOS devices!

Using the application itself is an extremely easy process. Once you download it, all you have to do is create an account and select a subscription package that fits your budget. However, if you are already a member of OlderWomenDating, all you need to do is simply sign into your account!

Here are some of the top features that the OlderWomenDating app presents:

*Creation of your profile for absolutely free
*Uploading personal photos onto your profile
*Send and reply to messages from other OlderWomenDating users
*Search for other OlderWomenDating users to easily connect with
*Read blogs regarding dating and relationships that cater specifically to younger men and older women
*Reply to messages and start your own discussion topics on the OlderWomenDating forum
*Contacting customer support
*An extensive Help and FAQ section
*Membership and Subscription sections

As previously mentioned, there are many different membership and subscription plans that can be chosen from depending on your specific budget. If you choose to upgrade to OlderWomenDating's gold membership, you will be able to utilize many more features in a more efficient manner. Furthermore, you will be able to start a conversation with another user rather than having to wait for someone to start messaging you.

Depending on their overall duration, there are three different membership and subscription plans available:

*6 months ($15.95 per month), billed in one payment of $95.95
*3 months ($19.95 per month), billed in one payment of $59.95
*1 month ($1.00 per day), billed in one payment of $29.95

Out of the above mentioned plans, the best is considered to be the six-month plan, as it offers the best value for your money.

So if you are a cougar who is looking to date a younger man, or a younger man looking to form a relationship with a hot older woman, then the OlderWomenDating app may be just the thing that you're looking for! 

Biker Dating at Bikers And Huggers Review

There are lots of biker dating sites out there today, bu the Bikers and Huggers website is going to impress even the people who have become jaded with biker dating sites. Many people are going to be pleased to note that this site is absolutely free, for one thing. The people who tend to post on a lot of different dating websites are going to find themselves spending a lot of money in their search to find that one special someone. A website like Biker and Huggers is going to be a relief for them, since they're not going to have to spend any additional money in the process.

The Bikerand Huggers website is somewhat distinctive in its bike ownership requirements. Some people might take issue with the fact that it is okay for women to join even if they don't have bikes, but men have to have bikes of their own in order to join. Some people might feel that this double-standard reinforces the idea that women are the ones who ride on bikes as passengers and men are the ones who actually drive the bikes, which is going to be frustrating for some members. Many women want to be the bikers and not the huggers, or they want the concept of 'bikers' and 'huggers' to be treated as gender-neutral.

Some women might enjoy the fact that just being able to ride is going to make them stand out from the crowd in a positive way, and some men may like the fact that they're going to be in an environment where people expect them to have a bike. Not all biker dating sites have a double standard like this one, so this does make this Harley dating site stand out among the competition, at any rate. Regardless of how people feel about this, it is something that they should take into consideration when deciding upon the Biker and Huggers biker dating site.

The website also has a 'hot' list, which depicts the members who are regarded as being physically attractive. Some people might like that this is a website that has a list like this. Other people might find the list intimidating or otherwise distasteful. There is a fairly wide age range on the website, with some people in their fifties and some people in their twenties, and everything in between. There will be screen names that contain everything from the word 'pocahantas' to the word 'chinadoll,' with few content descriptions on what people can use in their screen names. As such, people should be prepared to encounter some material that might offend them, which is going to be a familiar experience to nearly anyone who has ever used a dating site previously.

Biker dating sites are no stranger to controversy, and neither is the biker subculture at large. This is a website that does not hold back in that regard. Its environment will be perfect for some people, but other people are going to have a problem with what they find there. 

Biker Dating with DatingSitesforBikers

Biker Dating with DatingSitesforBikers
Looking for a date is not an easy thing to do. As a single that is looking for a companion, of course you love to look for a date wherein you both have the same or common interest. If you love bikes or motorcycles, it is somewhat hard to look for women who are also interested in biking. Biker dating is all you need to look for a date that is also interested in bikes.
Bikers’ dating is the newest facets of the online dating world. This is your chance to look for a date whether it is a biker women or biker men. You can assure that you can have the best companion that you need. As there are several websites that can offer this unique type of dating experience, it is quite difficult to look for the right website that can offer you the requirements and needs that you require.
Finding the best source of bikers dating site is an essential means in order for you to find a date that is equally passionate and interested in bikes. Dating Sites for Bikers or is a great option if you want to find the best biker date, wherein you can have the chance to meet the man or woman you prefer.
This is basically a review site that can offer the best information and review of some of the premier websites when it comes to the world of online bikers dating. As you know, all of the reviews are written by the experts who have the experience and familiarity in the online dating industry. With this website, you don’t have to roam around the web all day to find the right bike dating website because DatingSitesForBikers.Org can give you the most important information that you need. 
At this website, all the reviewed bike dating services are thoroughly reviewed and assessed according to various parameters according on various parameters such as the realness of the biker dating users, amount of active member, proficiency in search algorithm and other benefits that you can only acquire from the services that this website can offer. You can have the chance to save time and money for the reason that you can easily find the information you need for a date. 
In this website you can find some of the top biker dating sites with reviews, features offered as well as the complete information about the bikers that you might be interested to date with. You can also find biker dating site with complete information about the biker singles as well.
The can do the job or the responsibility to effectively create an effective profile that can connect with prospective companionship with your responsibility to create a profile and can be connected to the prospective companion.
When you get the information from, it will certainly give you the peace of mind knowing that you have an essential option to find the best website that offers you an amazing chance to look for the right bike dating experience.